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Alcohol Detox Medication

While dealing with severe alcohol addiction might seem like a one-way road, we’re here to tell you that’s not true. There are ways to quit even the most advanced alcohol addictions provided adequate medical and psychiatric care. At Royal Life Centers, we use alcohol detox medication, therapy, counseling, and long-term case management assistance to help you quit the addiction, overcome the withdrawal safely and embrace long-term sobriety.

What happens in alcohol detox?

The alcohol detox process is the first phase in combating withdrawal, which, in many cases, has reached severe proportions. To help our patients detox from alcohol effectively, we place them in a comfortable and safe environment, where our experts can keep an eye on the entire process. They will administer specific medications to inhibit cravings, minimize the withdrawal’s effects, and allow the body to eliminate any alcohol-related symptoms in the process.

The procedure will include physical and psychological discomfort due to the body’s efforts to adapt to the new conditions. After all, it has been under alcohol’s influence for so long that it will now have difficulties functioning without it. The entire alcohol detox process may last for several days, up to a week or two, depending on your addiction’s severity and your response to treatment. Our rehab professionals will supervise the entire process, ensure you progress in the right direction, and remain safe and comfortable throughout the treatment.

The ideal approach to alcohol addiction

The detox treatment is not only about managing the cravings and countering the relapse. It’s also about diagnosing and addressing underlying co-occurring mental disorders that may have triggered or fueled your addiction along the way. Our alcohol detox treatment centers include a variety of therapies and programs aiming to address depression, mental and emotional traumas, grief and loss, anger management, etc.

This approach shows that alcohol dependency goes deeper than most people believe, which is why it’s so difficult to treat it without professional help. The ideal approach to alcoholism should also include long-term management plans to prevent relapse and ensure long-lasting sobriety over the years. We help our patients pursue these goals via our Case Management program during inpatient care, helping them reintegrate into society and adopt a healthy and stable lifestyle post-rehab.

The benefits of alcohol addiction treatment

The rehabilitation treatment will allow you to overcome alcohol withdrawal and prevent relapse over the years, which is so common with alcohol addiction victims. Finding the perfect alcohol abuse disorder treatment is essential for securing a sober, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle post-rehab. Our program will teach you positivity, balance, responsibility, and self-sufficiency – values you can use to craft a brighter future for yourself and your loved ones.

If you need immediate alcohol detox medication and rehab services, we advise you to contact our team of experts immediately. You can call our rehab professionals at Royal Life Centers (877-recovery / 877-732-6837) to discuss your case and set an appointment today. Keep your hopes high, come to our rehab facility, and your life will change forever!