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Austin Drug Rehabilitation Centers

When it comes to Austin drug rehabilitation centers, one facility is changing the way that drug and alcohol rehab is done, and that facility is Omega Recovery. You may have heard the name Omega Recovery on local or national news before. Our creative, unique approach to addiction treatment has earned us national and local recognition on ABC and Fox News.

Every day, Omega Recovery is shattering the norms and obliterating the abhorrent national statistics regarding relapse for rehab graduates. The reason why you may have seen Omega Recovery in the local or national news is that more and more people are getting sober and staying sober by choosing Omega Recovery over other Austin drug rehabilitation centers.

Inexpensive Drug Rehab Centers in Austin

Omega Recovery is partners with BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, United Healthcare, and Aetna, and we also work with other insurance providers. Our goal is to make rehab affordable and attainable for everyone who needs it. In an ideal world, rehab would be free to all. Then again, in an ideal world, nobody would need rehab! But the fact is, we have limited resources and bills to pay, so we can't offer our services for free.

Why is Omega Recovery Different from Other Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Austin?

Having received noted local and national attention for our innovative, new, and better ways of helping people get clean and sober, we are very proud of our pioneering work in the addiction treatment field. Still, it's not that we want to do things differently solely for the sake of being different. The problem is that traditional recovery programs fail dismally. The relapse rate throughout the United States is astounding for rehab drug rehab graduates.

Did you know that a whopping 82-86% of all drug rehab graduates will relapse within the first two years after finishing rehab? Of that 82-86% that will relapse within two years, 78% will relapse within the first 90 days after being released from rehab. As you can see, the odds are really against you if you use a traditional drug and alcohol treatment model. If you know someone who has gotten sober and stayed sober longer than two years, after completing a traditional drug and alcohol treatment program, they truly are in the minority!

The problem with traditional rehab is that outpatient treatment is not enough to keep most people sober. If you are someone who has been to rehab after rehab only to experience relapse after relapse, then you probably already know this. That is why Omega Recovery does rehab differently. Here, our patients receive 30 hours of clinical treatment, while having the freedom to buy their own groceries, go out into the world, and confront their own demons with the caring support of a recovery team that is eager to help.

Choose one of the Best Austin Drug Rehabilitation Centers - Omega Recovery!

We call our approach to recovery and addiction treatment the Community Integration model. A staff member is right beside them every step of the way to help them cope with the feelings and battles that people deal with early in the vulnerable stages of recovery. We're here to help you succeed!