Curing Diseases With Body Frequency

Curing Disease in the Body with Frequency Generation

Thanks to research done by Dr. Rift in the 1920s we know that everything in the universe produces a frequency.  The human body has its natural frequency to help maintain the body in a healthy state.  When our body’s frequency is altered, this can have devastating effects on our physical and mental health. However, we can use frequency generation to our benefit!

How to Cure Diseases in the Body with Frequency?

As early as the 1900s frequency devices were already being used to help treat different ailments and diseases. These devices are known as frequencies generators. They can be set to produce specific frequencies to help a patient feel their best, and even cure certain diseases.

According to Dr. Rift not only do humans have a natural frequency, but parasites, tumor cells, and other ailments have their natural frequency as well. While the human body has a natural frequency around 62-78Mhz, of course, this can vary depending on which part of the body you are measuring.

Different diseases have their own frequency that allows them to be targeted by frequency generation, much like an opera singer hitting the right note to shatter glass. Frequency generation therapy is used to produce a critical frequency to target specific diseases and render them inactive.

Are There Different Types of Frequency Treatments?

Of Course, several different methods to provide frequency treatments. From the above mentioned frequency generators to music all of these methods have shown progress in treating various ailments and diseases.

Binaural Frequency, also known as music frequencies, have been shown to help patients.  A fundamental frequency used in Binaural treatments is 432MHz. Instruments have been tuned to this frequency throughout history, and there has been evidence found showing this is the golden frequency. These frequencies although not useful for curing physical ailments are great for the mind.

By recording the sound in two separate microphones and playing them back through highly tuned headphones, these beats can help the brain relax reducing anxiety and stress.  The more common methods for using frequency to cure diseases are complementary and anti-frequency treatment.

Complementary frequency treatments are those that help the body maintain its natural frequency.  Although retaining the bodies natural frequency doesn’t directly cure a disease it helps to improve the immune system and overall function of the body to help us physically fight disease.

Along with complementary frequency therapy, there are other steps to help the body maintain its natural frequency.  Eating the right food is a big part of keeping your body’s frequency at the right level.  Fresh food is always the best, while processed and canned foods can be extremely harmful to the body’s frequency.

Anti-frequency treatments are treatments that target the specific frequency of a harmful organism. These harmful organisms have their critical frequency that when targeted will either destroy the organism or render the organism incapacitated by destroying these harmful organisms the body with find it much easier to maintain its natural frequency.

Curing Diseases With Body Frequency
Curing Diseases With Body Frequency
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