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We know it can be hard to see a loved one go through rough times when age comes. Even more, we know you want to help them the most. That's when experts should arrive on the scene, and we are here to walk you through every doubt you might be having when taking this difficult decision.

At Varenita, we are ranked among the best dementia facilities in Westlake, and with good reasons. So don't hesitate to keep reading as we have all your questions covered!

How do I know if my senior qualifies for assisted living?

The majority of seniors that live in memory care assisted living in Westlake aren't physically ill but rather struggle with everyday tasks such as housekeeping, cooking, or getting dressed.

At Varenita, we provide appropriate companionship and permanent medical monitoring of every community member, from medicine reminders to a wide variety of programs designed for their mental and physical well-being.

Is my senior going to be happier in assisted living?

Not only happier but healthier.

Our accommodation is what places us among premier memory care facilities in Westlake. The members are in a home-like environment that provides comfort while having proper expert assistance for every one of their needs.

We have nutritional experts and dieticians that will suggest the best possible diets for healthy living, with a menu full of home-made meals and some fancy dinners they'll never forget.

Are nursing homes different than assisted living facilities?

Yes, a nursing home is a different service than what we offer in our Westlake memory care facilities. Nursing homes are designed to provide specialized medical care for seniors with one or more diseases, and they do not promote any independence.

At Varenita, our goal is to make all our members comfortable by providing a place they can call home. The residents live in private apartments, and families can stay overnight if they wish to. They are also free to choose what kind of activities to do daily, as we do not enforce anything on our seniors.

What are those activities available?

Besides personalized attention, in our memory care center in Westlake, we offer social, educational, and spiritual programs, a beloved art studio, game rooms, and a theater!

We also have two outdoor patios with outdoor grills and dining areas, beautiful walking paths, and a popular salon and spa. And of course, we can't forget our Fitness Center with state-of-the-art technology! It's amazing

Is it true the cost of assisted living is higher than in nursing homes?

Myth! The average cost of a fully equipped nursing home is about $10,000, while our plans aren't higher than $8,000 per month (in all-inclusive packages).

Remember, Varenita offers a fully refundable $1,000 reservation deposit that allows you to start with the moving process and lets you check our Westlake memory care facilities.

We are committed to the comfort of your senior and understand any doubts you might experience. We are the best memory care facility in Westlake. Contact Varenita for assisted living and memory care done the right way: 805-413-3300

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