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Alcohol or substance addiction affects multiple body systems. During active use, these systems are accustomed to having the drugs in circulation. A state of intoxication becomes the new normal, which is why breaking the habit is hard. When the substance is no longer present, the systems try to self-correct. During this time, withdrawal symptoms range from mild to intolerable depending on the history of use and drug choice. Those with long-term alcohol use disorders or opioid addictions cannot safely discontinue their use without consequence. Abrupt cessation leads to nausea, seizures, delirium tremens, diarrhea and can be fatal for extreme addicts. 

Detox offered by Riverside CA alcohol treatment centers aims at mitigating the effects of terminated drug use. An assessment is first conducted by a medical professional, whereafter they recommend a detox. It marks the first phase of recovery as the drugs are flushed from the body. This step aims to reduce the withdrawal effects, stabilize the patient, and help with the transition into the program.

Types of Detox 

Riverside drug rehab centers carry out different detoxification procedures though they all adhere to the same model. 

A clinical team conducts and supervises the detox, which takes anywhere from four to fifteen days on average. 

Ambulatory Detoxification- Done with or without extended monitoring on-site. It is the detox typically found in centers offering outpatient addiction treatment in Riverside, California. Enrolling patients usually do not wish to join recovery centers and have sound support systems to guide them through recovery.

Residential detoxification- Offered with 24/7 supervision but with little medical oversight. It focuses more on providing social support.

Inpatient Detoxification- It involves 24/7 supervision and is ideal for patients suffering notable withdrawal. Intensive inpatient detoxification is the more restrictive variant and most suitable for patients with extreme withdrawal symptoms. 

Finding a Detox Center 

The top rehab centers in Riverside offer detox programs in more friendly environments than hospitals that provide the service. In both settings, an evaluation comes first to establish the history of use. Professionals will almost always recommend treatment for the patients after, as overcoming addiction on your own is nearly impossible.

What to Expect

Patients undergoing detox get mild withdrawal symptoms, but these are medically manageable. Mood changes like mood swings, anxiety, agitation, and depression are part of this phase. Flu-like symptoms, nausea, and headaches are the somatic signs most patients experience. Cravings for their desired substance might be high at this phase, but these gradually reduce within the first two weeks. 

While entirely possible to detox from home, it is not urged because of the absence of a professional to ensure the process is safe and comfortable. There are outpatient mental health centers that offer same-day detox and are a more feasible option.


Different factors affect the cost of detox, including the center, the level of detoxification done, and the period. Check if your insurance can cover the price either in part or whole. Also, check if there are free detox programs in your locale or those accepting Medicaid. 

Detox sets you up for success if your resolve to overcome your substance abuse disorder is absolute. 

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Detox Riverside