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Drug Treatment Scottsdale

More people choose Soul Surgery Addiction and Mental Health Services for drug treatment in Scottsdale because we offer them more options and better drug treatment overall. Depending on several factors surrounding your unique circumstances, Soul Surgery Rehab will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan. For many of our drug treatment patients, a treatment plan may look like some variation of the following progress of services.

Medical Detox

Because many drugs create physical dependencies in their abusers, it is dangerous for the individual to try to quit using them on their own. Drugs that are physically addictive can cause a person to experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop using them cold turkey. Withdrawal symptoms can cause extreme pain and discomfort for individuals, and in the worst cases, withdrawal symptoms can cause a person to go into shock or even die!

If it is determined that you are addicted to a substance that is physically addictive, we'll start you in medical detox, where you'll be supervised around the clock, monitored for vitals, and administered medications that can take away the discomfort and pain of withdrawal.

Inpatient Treatment

When it comes to drug treatment in Scottsdale, there is no question that Soul Surgery Addiction and Mental Health Center is home to the best inpatient program. Our patients thrive in a luxurious setting with tons of amenities to make recovery fun and comfortable. Plus, we have some of the best addiction treatment specialists in the United States who work closely with our patients to customize drug treatment plans with them.

You will feel included by participating in the creation of your treatment plan, which we think is appropriate. After all, it is you, and only you, who will have to execute your plan. It is important that your plan be attainable and that you want to participate in your recovery. We'll create a plan that plays to your strengths and accounts or your weaknesses, giving you the best chance to get clean and stay clean from drugs and alcohol.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment might be provided exclusively if the patient is not able to take time away from work, family, or other responsibilties long enough to attend inpatient rehab. At Soul Surgery Addiction and Mental Health Center, we offer standard outpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment.

Also, outpatient treatment may be incorporated into our inpatient graduates' treatment plans as a means of their ongoing drug treatment. Often, patients who graduate from rehab go back into their home environments with little-to-no support, and with the odds overwhelmingly against them, they end up relapsing. Outpatient treatment is just one way we can continue to provide the structure and stability that helped them get clean during their inpatient treatment stay.

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Additionally, Soul Surgery Addiction and Mental Health Center offers residential treatment, mental health services, holistic care, and science-based treatments as well. We use the best of all treatment models to give our patients the best chances to stay clean. Contact us today if you need drug treatment in Scottsdale.


Drug Treatment Scottsdale
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