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For the past ten years, The Holistic Sanctuary has administered the best Ibogaine treatment regimen available. Ibogaine is natural and extracted from plant root sources. Ibogaine is not addictive and impossible to abuse. The Holistic Sanctuary prides itself on being a toxic-free zone. We do not allow junk food, cigarettes, vaping items, or even coffee. The Holistic Sanctuary is a licensed medical spa that is staffed by 20 true professionals. Your treatment will also include holistic therapy, significant lifestyle changes, and mindfulness techniques.

Each patient is given a daily routine from 7 am to 7 pm. You will not be given ibogaine on day one or even day two. A five hour IV drip filled with vitamins, aminos, and NAD is administered along with a deep tissue massage. After that, a powerful reiki session will be held. Then you will receive hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy. It reduces any withdrawal or delirium symptoms you may have. It will also rebuild brain cells and activates stem cells.

Your first twenty days at The Holistic Sanctuary will be spent building up your immune system, nervous system, and endocrine system to prepare for the actual ibogaine treatment. Other steps you will take in treatment are three to five green coffee enemas a day, daily workout at the gym, and regular carbon infrared sauna sessions. No patient has suffered bad moods, vomiting, or bad trips from these methods. You are not alone in this journey; 10 staff members will be on hand anytime you need to talk or get more support.

Many studies have shown that one dose of ibogaine can dramatically decrease withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings. Ibogaine heals withdrawal symptoms within two to four hours. Ibogaine gets rid of anhedonia, which is the inability to feel pleasure. Our ibogaine treatment regimen will reverse the damage drugs and alcohol have done to your body. If you need help after leaving treatment, The Holistic Sanctuary offers ibogaine aftercare.

There is no group therapy at The Holistic Sanctuary; every therapy session is one on one. Holistic therapy sessions last between seven to nine hours a day. Each villa is oceanfront with a private bedroom and bathroom. Activities include touring the Scared Tulum Ruins, snorkeling the Scared Rivers Cenotes, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Every four-week gold retreat package comes with; daily massage, daily reiki, daily yoga, daily meditation, regular Dead Sea salt baths, daily Colonic enemas, and three organic, non-GMO, plant-based meals per day. Our meals are also gluten-free, soy-free, and kosher. Optional services include; stem cells, Ozone IV, NAD IV, Super brain repair IV, heavy metal detox, high dose vitamin C, Telomere Repair IV, thymus gland repair, RNA & DNA repair IV, and immune system booster.

The Holistic Sanctuary believes the disease of addiction is curable. Let us help you become another success story. For more information about ibogaine treatment, please call 310-601-7805. You can also fill out your information on our contact page or send a private email to

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