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All elders deserve healthy lifestyles that promote their wellbeing, and an independent living facility in Altoona can achieve that. Nonetheless, assisted living facilities often mislead families with alleged dynamic lifestyles that aren’t such. Luckily that is not the case of Prairie Vista Village, one of the most famous nursing homes in Iowa.

At Prairie Vista Village, we value the privacy of our residents as few Altoona assisted living facilities. We are aware that one of the main resistances found in soon-to-be residents is the lack of privacy and freedom in their routines, which is why we focus on providing our elders with a home-like experience.

Our housing options include expansive spaces thought to deliver maximum comfort and full kitchens and private bathrooms in each room. The modern design is welcoming and thought to be as safe as possible for residents, as bathtubs, stairs, and hallways are properly equipped to facilitate their usage.

These are only a couple of examples of what your loved one will experience at Prairie Village Vista, the single best Altoona senior living home in all of Iowa. Keep reading to find out much more! 

Comfortable environment adapted to the needs of the elderly

You should always look for a place that is clean and has properly delimited areas for different activities. This includes comfortable spaces to watch television, others designed for reading sessions, and others for resting and sleeping.

Many assisted living facilities in Altoona only function for the sake of revenue. Prairie Vista Village focuses on all the members’ well-being, the reason we offer wide spaces that guarantee maximum comfort.

Periodic monitoring of the residents’ health  

One of the reasons that make nursing homes a frequent alternative among families is monitoring the elderly's health care. 

At Prairie Village vista, not only are control studies performed, but we also provide immediate medical assistance in case of any circumstance. Vaccination sessions are also available with the help of our skilled nursing team.

Recreational activities for the family 

One of the most important characteristics to find in retirement homes in Altoona is the range of entertainment activities prepared for the residents. They are intended to entertain and make the elderly enjoy different tasks to take them out of the routine. 

This is one of the features that make us the best senior living facility in Altoona. Our dynamic approach to our elders’ lifestyle guarantees an energy-fueled routine during weekdays and while the family is visiting. 

Tranquility, peace, and calm

In our facilities, there is no stress or worries that affect the elderly. We’ve developed a place where the elderly can relax, entertain themselves, socialize and not worry about any external situations. Their tranquility is our happiness.

Furthermore, we have designed a place that all residents can call home, as our focus towards privacy and independence is present in all the activities within the home. 

Professional care and treatment

The nursing home staff is friendly and always at the disposal of the elderly. They take care of any need they may have, regardless of its nature. Our licensed team of medical experts is more than apt to deliver all the proper treatments, guaranteeing the health of our residents as few senior living services in Altoona can.

You know now all the major features of our home. Have any extra doubts? Just contact Prairie Vista Village for the best senior living in Altoona IA

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