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Laguna Beach Drug Treatment center

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is, no doubt, considered an unhealthy habit. Mixing alcohol with other drugs can further lead to physical, behavioral, and health complications. Drinking and taking a drug may provide relief to your preoccupied mind. Still, the long-term consequences of addiction will create a negative impact not only on your body but also on your physical and mental health. Furthermore, addiction will destroy your relationship with your friends and family and even your career.

To drag yourself out of alcoholism and drug addiction and fill your life with positive energy, make yourself a part of the "Safe Harbor Treatment Centre," providing the best drug and alcohol treatment at Laguna Beach, CA. We have been serving people suffering from substance use disorders, anxiety, depression, and other underlying issues that can force you to become an addict. With 27 years of experience, we are the leading drug rehabilitation center in Laguna Beach. We provide our clients with various individual and group therapy programs that can boost your self-confidence and motivate you to become a sober citizen. Our drug treatment center in Laguna Beach is famous for its unique treatment plan based on the 12-Step of Alcoholics Anonymous. The treatment has shown promising results for various people looking to start a new life.

What to expect when you attend programs at Safe Harbor Treatment Center

Safe Harbor Treatment Center has earned its reputation as the Laguna beach drug treatment center due to the variety of therapeutic, educational, and spiritual group therapies and that too in an environment that is full of love and affection. Enlisting yourself with us will benefit you in multiple ways:

  • We allow our clients to participate in group therapies that allow them to support each other.

  • Along with group sessions, we give our clients individual therapies, including weekly sessions with LMFT, drug and alcohol counselor, and psychotherapy and medication as needed.

  • We know how to treat your trauma the right way! With our Eyes Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), we can help you deal with the traumatic incidents engraved in your mind. The therapy helps you take a positive turn towards life.

  • We have this unique therapy session known as psychodrama therapy. The setting allows our clients to develop healthy relationships with others. It will not only boost your self-esteem but also permit participants to be a part of each other's healing process.

  • We emphasize on directing the thoughts of our clients towards a positive path. With our cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), we help our clients build a positive and intellectual approach to life.

  • A good and nutritious diet enables you to stay focused on the task at hand. Our top chef at the Laguna beach drug rehab will provide you with a fresh and well-balanced diet that allows our clients to remain healthy and active.

  • Exercise, yoga, and meditation are indeed beneficial in developing a strong connection between mind and body. Moreover, yoga helps in clearing your mind of stress and anxiety.

We welcome people of all ages from 18 and above at our drug and alcohol center in Laguna Beach and help them regain control over their life. Contact Safe Harbor to speak with our addiction specialists and therapists at 1-844-214-8384.

Laguna Beach Drug Treatment center
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