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If you’re showing signs of advanced drug or alcohol addiction, joining our Orange County detox is the first step towards fast, safe, and sustainable recovery. Substance addiction can take many forms and severely impact your life over time. Ignoring it is never an option, and you need to seek expert medical assistance fast.

How detox in Orange County works

Our detox center in Orange County, CA, offers customizable detox treatment to all patients struggling to contain their cravings and overcome the withdrawal. Our detoxification program consists of several procedures like:

  • Preliminary clinical assessment – Our professional clinicians use this phase to gather information about your condition. They will gather data about your addiction, the withdrawal, the substance you’re using, potential co-occurring disorders, etc. With this info in hand, they will then create a personalized detox program for immediate and safe recovery.
  • Medication-based detox – The detox treatment relies on targeted medication to control the cravings, minimize the withdrawal’s impact, flush toxins from your body, and calm the nervous system. We can also address co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, or emotional traumas that may impact your ability to recover and heal.
  • Individual and group therapy – Our Orange County drug detox program also incorporates individual and group therapies for sustainable mental and emotional healing.
  • Recreational activities – Here, we include specific recovery-based games that stimulate cerebral activity and keep the brain healthy and active throughout the treatment and beyond.
  • Dietary optimization – Ensuring optimal nutrient intake via nutritious meals to promote sustainable physical and psychological recovery and strengthening.

The detox treatment’s duration may vary depending on your condition and progress throughout the treatment. Our Orange County detox program may last two weeks in some cases, housing patients in a comfortable and luxurious setting for the program’s duration.

Difference between hospital detox and our services

While detoxing in a hospital setting can garner extensive health benefits, it is not the ideal option if you’re pursuing long-term recovery and stability. Hospitals lack two things to be really effective: personnel qualified in rehabilitation and addiction recovery and a structured rehabilitation program. All they offer is medication and specialized supervision, which is nowhere near enough to tackle addiction effectively.

Our leading drug and alcohol detox in Orange County, California, ensures optimal care via a holistic treatment strategy. We only use medication to stabilize your condition and cleanse your body of any drug and alcohol-related toxins, but the real treatment goes deeper than that. The rehab treatment includes:

  • Dual diagnosis assistance for dealing with underlying co-occurring disorders
  • Behavioral therapies via individual and group sessions
  • Recreational activities
  • High-end amenities with Tempur-Pedic beds, flat-screen TVs, and outdoor recreational areas
  • Gourmet meals
  • Modern recovery protocols (WRAP, Matrix Model, Amplified: Fellowship through fitness, etc.)

These programs show why we rank among the best and most sought-after detox facilities in Orange County. Call New Start Recovery today at (855) 737-7363 and ask for additional information about our Orange County detox programs! We are ready to take you in for an assessment, detox, and rehab treatment, so long as you need our help.

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