Suboxone Online

It can be difficult to schedule clinic visits and wait to be seen when you have to go to work and take care of other obligations requiring your attention.

Our unique online clinics offer you the flexibility of getting treatment on your terms and timelines as you don’t need to go to a clinic in person. With our unique online clinic, you can schedule your appointments with a doctor or nurse practitioner at a time that works for you.

Having to work during the only hours a clinic is open can make it difficult to make your follow-up visits consistently, but you don’t need to worry about that with our programs.

Our online suboxone clinic helps you on the road to recovery. If you have a busy schedule, then our unique online clinic is the best for you.

Medication Delivery

You don’t need to visit a clinic or pharmacy to wait to get a prescription filled. With the help of our online suboxone doctors, your medications are regulated and refill delivered to you so you don’t need to spend additional time obtaining them.

Lower Cost

Right now, we do not accept insurance. We charge just $75/visit for our service. This includes the doctor's visit and at-home saliva drug testing.

If you are uninsured or your insurance does not cover addiction treatment, our recovery programs cost up to 50% less than traditional programs at physical clinics.

We can also help you obtain medications for less than what you would pay with most other healthcare providers due to the relationship we have with our suppliers. We offer affordable and convenient online opioid treatment.


Although it is important to seek help for addiction as this is a vital step to getting your life back, there is however a stigma surrounding addiction and related treatment. It is not easy to allow others to find out that you are seeking treatment for these addictions.

You may also feel uncomfortable going to a physical facility for treatment, or the facility’s location. You can seek treatment in the safety and comfort of your own home with Recovery Couch, and your privacy is also not compromised. Our online clinic prides itself on privacy and confidentiality.

No More Travel to Clinics

Apart from the cost of treatment and medications, one of the most significant barriers to addiction treatment is travel.

With the presence of our online Suboxone doctors, taking long trips to get treated can be eliminated. Our online clinic helps eliminate the cost and troubles associated with traveling to get treatment. For patients with disabilities or lack of transportation, our online programs can work for you no matter where you are.

You can conserve the gas in the car for getting to work, seeing your loved ones, and other pressing needs instead of having to allocate your budget towards traveling several hours per week to seek treatment.

Going to a traditional in-person suboxone clinic is no more compulsory. Our online suboxone clinic provides care and counseling without hassles. At the comfort of your home, our online doctors are just a click away. smartphones, and inexpensive devices, all it takes is a few clicks or swipes to speak to a doctor or join a group therapy session.

The pharmacy can now come to you as well with mail-order medications and eliminate the amount of traveling that you have to do to get treatment, which equates to time and money you put towards starting on your new path.

Suboxone Online