vsl 3 Probiotic Supplements

Why VSL 3 Probiotic Supplements Are Superior to Other Products:

If you're like a lot of other health-conscious people, you may be looking for the best probiotic to take for your health. Chances are, you may already be taking a product, but wonder if your stand-by probiotic is the best one available. Unless your probiotic contains multiple strains of culture and delivers at least one hundred billion live bacteria, you're not giving your body everything it needs to stay healthy. Here's why:

If it's a choice between good, better, or best, when it comes to your health, only the best product should be considered. Taking an inferior supplement is not only a huge waste of time, you're just throwing money out the window. Our VSL 3 probiotic supplement was scientifically created to be a superior product, right from the beginning. We spared no expense in our research and in the quality of ingredients that go into making our probiotic.

If you're currently taking a probiotic, it's probably made up of a single strain of bacteria, or at best, may contain 1-4 strains. Our VSL #3 contains a proprietary blend of 8 strains that were selected and expertly blended to deliver more immune system benefits to your digestive system. They were also singled out for being added to our product for their ability to move through the upper digestive tract unharmed by the stomach's acid. This means more bacteria are being delivered to your colon- something most probiotics are unable to do.

Aside from looking at the number of strains in your product, read the label to see how many live bacteria are being delivered to your digestive system. Most probiotics contain millions. VSL 3 probiotic supplement contains 112.5 billion. Your 2-capsule dosage provides 225 billion live, freeze-dried beneficial bacteria to begin the process of colonizing your gut for good health.

Choosing the right probiotic supplement can be tricky. We offer the following tips for selecting a product that will provide maximum benefits to your body:

Find a product like VSL 3 probiotic supplement that has science and research to back its claims.

Make sure that the potency listed on the product's label is guaranteed. You'll want to look for the actual number of live bacteria that at the time of consumption rather than at the time of manufacture.

We recommend looking into the results other customers have experienced with the product before you place an order. Feel free to type our product's name into your preferred directory to learn why quality really does make all the difference in the results you achieve with a probiotic. Compare our VSL 3 probiotic supplement with the product you're currently taking or to other products on the market you may be looking at. If you're looking to invest in protecting your health, no other product available can deliver to the standards of our VSL 3. If you have questions about VSL 3, give us a call at 732-972-5700.

vsl 3 Probiotic Supplements
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